Matterport 3D-Scan

The most immersive way to experience virtual tours. With the help of 3D scanning, we create an intuitive three-dimensional space where users can walk trough all types of devices. The 3D walk starts with a doll’s house view. You may know this from 3D architecture renderings.

This flight into the interior of the virtual tour will literally draw you into the tour. Interactivity, state of the art! Then you will discover the displayed location by clicking or swiping as usual. When using VR-glasses, it goes on by looking at one of the spheres in the room for a moment. Impressive!

We are certified Matterport Service Partners. At our three locations and have scanned already over 20,000 square meters.

What makes the 3D-Scans of 360-up particular?

  • 360-up has a total of three scanners from which very attractive virtual tours and dollhouse views are created
  • Into the collected scanning data additional information, such as videos, can be integrated.
  • It is possible to generate 2D plans and make measurements in the 3D view from the collected scanning data
  • The 3D scans are thus a great way of visualizing with automated guided walk-throughs, video shows and picture galleries
  • In addition to its use as a marketing tool, it can be used for planning
  • 360-up also uses the data from the 3D point cloud to generate CAD renderings
  • Further processing in the OBJ file format is possible
  • 360-up uses the generated data also to generate different types of presentations, such as top views or side views
  • The 3D tours are provided via an URL, a web address, and via an I-frame embed code for the integration on other websites
  • 3D scans of sales or rental properties, be it residential or business premises, can be seamlessly integrated into the real estate ads of ImmobilienScout24

Examples of virtual tours + 3D-scans by industry

Athletic Gym | Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse

Matterport, Sports Clubs, Service providers