Aerial Photography + Videos

360-up started at the beginning of 2012 as an aerial photography service with a giant tripod designed to lift professional photo and video camera equipment 16 metres off the ground. We could take high-quality aerial photographs, panoramas and videos without the fuss of having to obtain complicated authorisations that were more and more difficult to obtain in Germany at that time.

All that’s needed is a 2.5 metre diameter. No other permits are necessary. The 360-up’s tripod is able to take photos or videos in places where drones can’t fly. The outcome is also of a much higher quality than that of a low payload drone.

To cover all your 360°-aerial-photography and video needs we’ve also equipped ourselves with several 5K resolution Hasselblad drones. You need aerial images from a plane? We’ll take care of it!

What makes 360-up’s aerial image service so special?

  • High-resolution photographs, panoramas and videos up to 16 metre above ground, even in gigapixels
  • Possibility of aerial photography in places where it’s not permitted to fly
  • High-quality drone photography to produce 4K videos, 5.6K 360°-videos and full-spherical panoramas
  • Aerial photography from a sports aircraft with built-in camera stabilization system
  • Creation of virtual aerial tours with hotspots, links and additional information

Examples of aerial images by industry

Kraftwerk Lausward | Düsseldorf

Virtual aerial image tour with CMS, Service providers, Industry

Med360° | Bergisch Gladbach

Virtual aerial image tour with CMS, Doctor’s offices, Service providers