Virtual Tours with Content Management System

A virtual tour consists of several 360° panoramas, which are linked together by hotspots creating an interactive tour. The integration of images, videos or additional information makes the virtual tour a multimedia experience.

The links of individual points, such as rooms in hotels, tables in restaurants or products in showrooms, directly to existing shop- or booking systems, such as hotel booking, OpenTable, online shop, offer your customers a useful addition to the classic homepage as well as immediate benefits.

What makes the virtual tours of 360-up particular?

  • Information boxes, hotspots, navigation, sound files, PDFs, videos, images, image galleries and links can be added
  • • For online use all web content can be added via I-Frames in the info boxes
  • The tours can be created in several languages
  • Through the panoramas of the tour you can also navigate using simple virtual-reality-glasses, such as the Google Cardboard
  • With the tracking function, user behavior can be analyzed
  • Use of professionally created tours for search engine optimization and search engine marketing
  • All content can be enriched with SEO snippets and be displayed with time-control
  • Output as HTML5 export with the possibility to upload it to your own corporate server via S/FTP or FTP
  • Use under your own domain as a self-hosted solution or as a hosted solution through 360-up
  • In addition to online use, the tours can be used offline and without the need of a mobile or internet connection
  • Via the 360-up apps in the Windows, Mac, Android and IOS stores, with download function to all devices, the tours can be discovered offline and interactively
  • The apps can also be delivered created and published to the app stores in customer branding

Examples of virtual tours by industry

Athletic Gym | Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse

Virtual tour with CMS, Sports Clubs, Service providers

BAVARIA Yachts | Düsseldorf

Virtual tour with CMS, Vehicle dealerships, Exhibits

Dechenhöhle | Iserlohn

Virtual tour with CMS, Museums, Event locations, Tourism

Internationales Facharztzentrum | Frankfurt

Virtual tour with CMS, Doctor’s offices

Königsallee | Düsseldorf

Virtual tour with CMS, Street View Made in Germany, Tourism

Motorworld | Stuttgart

Virtual tour with CMS, Service providers, Event locations, Exhibits

Touch Tomorrow | Bonn

Virtual tour with CMS, Exhibits, Service providers, Event locations

Vogelsang Elektromotoren | Bochum

Virtual tour with CMS, Service providers, Industry