XR platform to make Virtual Reality easy to deploy

Hardware + Software Set which aims to make Virtual Reality easy to deploy in enterprise and public-facing environments

Virtual Reality has countless use cases in business and enterprise, but the complicated tech makes it difficult to use in a professional setting. 360-up solves this by making VR easy for enterprises. The system removes many of the challenges that enterprise VR faces. With a wireless headset, automatic charging, remote content updates, deep usage analytics and a seamless setup. The hard- and software set enables enterprises to enter the immersive age, without any of the usual hassle.

What makes 360-up’s VR hardware + software set so special?

  • By adding something as simple as a handle to a VR-headset, our customers significantly boost engagement rates among users
  • Without the feeling of being ‘locked in’ to a headset by cumbersome straps, the VR viewer lowers the barrier to entry
  • It doesn’t mess up a user’s hair or make-up, important for public-facing applications of VR, like point-of-sale or enterprise environments
  • Hardware includes a tablet controller through which enterprises can guide their customers easily
  • After a simple button press on the tablet, the headset will automatically play when a customer holds it to their face
  • Software comes in a self-service kiosk version, which puts the user in control, lets them rate their experience
  • The stand has built-in wireless charging, which lets the kiosk version completely negate the need for a host to be around
  • Drastically lowering the cost of deploying VR
  • Built-in 4G and 5G-ready support, allowing enterprises to deploy the system in locations that don’t offer or allow connectivity
  • The unit only needs to be plugged into a power outlet and the system takes care of the rest
  • Giving clients an immersive brand experience has never been easier


360-up Virtual Reality XR-Platform

360-up Virtual Reality XR-Plattform
SystemEDEN Snacker™
Displays3840 x 2160 pixel LCD
Virtual Reality headsetSkyworth S1
CPUSamsung Exynos 2.5 GHz
GPUMali G71 MP18
Refresh rate72 Hz
Internal memory4 GB
Device memory + External memory60 GB + 256 GB SD
Power supply 3500 mAh Li-ion
Charging viainduction
Tabletinterface controls VR-experience
provides usage analytics
supports custom playlists
Blackboard4G + 5G ready
WiFi + LAN
streamlimes content deployment + updates
remote maintenance
Standautomatic wireless charging
buttonless design