360-up: efficient marketing with 360-degree media

360-up has been creating professional 360-degree images and videos since 2012. The virtual tour, a Matterport 3D scan and so-called virtual reality experiences through and for companies are our most important business areas.

Google has awarded our virtual tours several times. Our 360-degree productions are used for search engine optimization, that’s why we call it Virtual Tour Marketing.

Right now, in the course of the digitization of retail, it is all the more important for all companies to adjust to search behavior, online research and the purchasing behavior of interested parties. Selling has already become hybrid, digital and stationary.

This know how is as well implanted by our customers from other branches and by B2B business. Just like industry, medicine and care, vehicle sales, players in the creative industries and museums, the hotel industry, gastronomy, the hospitality sectors, tourism and destination and city marketing.

“The retail sector has recognized that shopping behavior has changed. Shopping has already become hybrid. We responded to that.

Just pay us a visit, virtually. You will see, it creates trust.

We have created an e-commerce integration in our tours. With us you shop in the digital twin of a store as if you were there!”

Marcus Mitter, founder of 360-up virtual tour marketing

We have offices in Duesseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and France. We are there for you all over Germany and throughout Europe. Our team speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

  • Panoramic photography, 360°-video or 3D-scan for your homepage or Google Street View.
  • A tailor-made virtual tour available on all types of devices online and offline.
  • Offline, at the touch of a button, with our state of the art virtual reality glasses.
  • As a virtual tour that can be downloaded with one of our apps and be used offline.

Our team of professionals create interactive media that significantly improve your company’s online visibility, optimize its website ranking, create customer trust, and stay uppermost in people’s mind.

Virtual Tours

Tailor-made virtual tours for your homepage. Personalised integration of navigation, hotspots, videos and web content via I-frames. You want your customers to click on the shoe rack and directly land in front of the shoe display in the online shop? No problem! Let 360-up make virtually all your wishes come true with our completely new and mega-immersive, 360°-video tours!

Google Street View Tours

Grab potential customers’ attention. There are lots of people out there looking for your offer, so, show your premises on Google Search and Google Maps. We produce high-quality panoramic tours and integrate them directly into your MyBusiness profile.

Matterport 3D-Scans

Truly immerse yourself in one of the best virtual tour type that’s currently available. With the help of 3D-scanning, we create an intuitive, three-dimensional space that users can access and move around in with any kind of device.


8K resolution in 360°-video means users can step into the action from the comfort of their home. Whether it’s at an event, heading through the jungle or on stage. Our completely new, interactive and immersive virtual 360°-video tours have it all!

Aerial Image Service

Let 360-up take to the skies for you! Our high-resolution aerial photography and videos are taken with a drone whenever possible, and if not, our 16m giant tripod will do the job. On our virtual gigapixel panorama tour, we made high-resolution panoramas out of 530 individual images.

Street View Made in Germany and Europe

We produce up-to-date Street View images where faces and license plates are automatically blurred. Complete integration on all Google Services. Or, excluding Google, on European or German servers and with navigation via open source map material.

Virtual Reality VR

Whatever your requirements, we have the right VR-technology for you. WebVR, stand-alone-solutions, Oculus and Co. We deliver them all. From on-site production to the finished product placed on the glasses we put in your hands.