Online shops and e-commerce solutions in virtual tours

Since the end of 2019, the world, all of our lives and trade have changed. Retail has expanded its online presence. Many online shops have sprung up.

Online growth has accelerated significantly due to the corona pandemic. The jump in growth of 13.6 billion euros, i.e. 23 percent compared to the previous year, leads to online sales in Germany of 73 billion euros.

In addition to their own shop systems, retailers are also provided with free e-commerce solutions, for example from Google, Facebook and Instagram.

All solutions make it possible to scroll through product images, contact the supplier or place the products directly in the shopping cart, buy them and have them delivered.

But doesn’t the shopping feeling get lost? Product pictures are one thing, going on a shopping tour is far more exciting!

New: interactive 3D online shops right in the store

With us this is possible from now on. We offer you a virtual tour with complete e-shop integration! Check out our first pilot here.

Various e-commerce solutions for retail

Today there are various stages of expansion of e-commerce offers and e-shopping solutions. We show these in the examples below.

It starts with the simple link to the products that have been entered in Google or Facebook. A deeper integration can be done with an existing e-shop. The articles can not only be displayed in the corresponding place in the virtual tour, but the interested party can buy them directly in the digital twin of the store.

Now we have set up a fully integrated e-commerce solution with which you can sell your products all over the world without an existing online shop.

For operators of a Shopify online shop, the Shopify interface can be used to enable customers to do interactive online shopping in the store!

We are certified Matterport Service Partners. At our Matterport Service Points at these locations and have already scanned over 50,000 square meters.

What makes the 3D e-commerce solution from 360-up so special?

  • 360-up has a total of three scanners which it uses to produce very attractive virtual tours and dollhouse views
  • With the help of our capturing technology and our e-commerce integration, not only impressive virtual tours can be created, but additional information, including online shops, can be built in
  • Thanks to this innovative solution, it is now possible to advertise your own shop or exhibition and to sell a selected range of products online at the same time
  • Instead of simple picture galleries, the new immersive approach picks up prospects as if they were in the store
  • This approach with gamification means that the user remembers what he sees much better
  • This not only leads to identification with what has been seen or the brand, but also to more sales.

Industry examples online shopping in 3D

360-up virtual tour marketing | Düsseldorf

Matterport, E-Commerce, Service providers, Virtual Staging

360-up virtual tour marketing | Düsseldorf

Matterport, E-Commerce, Service providers, Virtual Staging

360-up Virtual Tour Marketing | Düsseldorf

Virtual tour with CMS, E-Commerce, Service providers

Maximilian Arndt | Düsseldorf

Virtual tour with CMS, E-Commerce, Service providers, Retail trade