Google Tours

A virtual tour that is directly linked to your Google business profile. Users can jump directly from the Google Search into your premises and get an idea. Bring your modern “Yellow Pages” to the forefront and rise in the Google ranking to convince potential visitors.

Optimization of the Google MyBusiness business listing. This is more important than ever, as already less than half of all searches lead to a visit of a company website.

Google Street View tours consist of several 360°-panoramas, which are linked together by hotspots to become an interactive tour. This tour is directly integrated into your Google Business profile. Mapping products are used in 44% of all searches for a particular company. On average, 41% of these searches result in an on-site visit. Business listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to attract user interest. Here are the results of an independent survey conducted by Ipsos. Look at all the conversion rate results in the  Oxera-Study. A Retail Case Study on Google tours was published back in 2014.

What makes the virtual Google tours of 360-up particular?

  • The founder of 360-up, Marcus Mitter, is one of the panorama photographers of the first hour. He was addressed by Google and has been active since the start of the program.
  • He has already been awarded with two Google Business View Awards
  • Marcus has published within six years, also on behalf of Google itself, more than 12,500 panoramas of hundreds of companies
  • These Google tours have since been viewed almost 90 billion times
  • Therefore, Google tours created by 360-up bring a significantly improved visibility at all Google services
  • Customers have nothing more to do but give the photographer access to the premises
  • A few days later, the virtual Google tour is already integrated into the Google MyBusiness company profile and will be displayed in the Google search, on Maps search and on Google Earth
  • Providing users with information from companies makes sense, as these companies are more prominently displayed on the Google Services
  • Today, more than half of the searches on Google no longer lead to websites, but the desired content is displayed directly in the search result
  • The outstanding professional quality, allows to use the panoramas of the Google tour as well as 360°-slideshow-videos
  • The Google panoramas can also be used offline with the professional virtual reality glasses of 360-up. Interactively and with a resolution of up to 4K
  • On touch screens, the panoramas of 360-up can also be visualized on touch screens and thus be used interactively in up to 8K

Examples of virtual Google tours by industry

Athletic Gym | Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse

Google Street View Tours, Sports Clubs, Service providers

Institut für Stadtgeschichte | Gelsenkirchen

Google Street View Tours, Museums

Touch Tomorrow | Bonn

Google Street View Tours, Exhibits, Service providers, Event locations

Vogelsang Elektromotoren | Bochum

Google Street View Tours, Service providers, Industry

Weber Original Store | Berlin

Google Street View Tours, Retail trade, Event locations

Kö-Bogen | Düsseldorf

Street View Made in Germany, Google Street View Tours, Tourism