Virtual tours

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Virtual tours

A virtual tour is a panoramic tour whose pano viewpoints are logically arranged so that the viewer feels that he can move through a building.

360-up exclusively creates virtual tours in Html5 format. This ensures that the tours can be displayed on all devices, from desktop computers, via tablets to smartphones, correctly and interactively. Virtual tours can be enhanced with navigation, embeds, iframes, navigation, hotspots and sound-files.

Virtual tours as a website

Virtual tours can easily be build up to a full-fledged website or landing page by integrating, for example, a contact form and the imprint.

Virtual tours with shopping function

Thanks to hotspots and so-called embeds, users can be actively animated to shop online with product information and ordering options by visiting the virtual tour.

Virtual 3D tours

Virtual 3D tours are built with only one interactive panorama view. Thus, it is not possible for the user to change the position, but the viewing angle and the zoom-in can be controlled interactively. Hotspots and links can be integrated into the panorama in the viewer.



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