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Aerial Image

An aerial image is a photograph of a part of the surface of the earth, taken from the air.

An aerial photograph is a photographic or technical genre in which photographic images of the terrain are made from the bird's eye view or from aircraft, drome or high tripod.

Aerial Panorama

A panorama is a round view, which can be found in one place over a landscape or city. In the panorama photography, the different part views are assembled or stitched together.

An aerial panorama is an aerial view in a panoramic view.

Aerial Video

An aerial video is a film created from a position with top-down and panoramic view.


An aerial 3D tour is an interactive all-round view from the height. It is presented online in a viewer and the user can choose the viewing angle and the zoom-in.

Aerial Image Tripod System

A high-stand is a tripod with which a camera can be brought from the ground to a high altitude. The camera or camera is controlled from the ground. 360-up works up to 16 Meters height.

Not subject to approval, such as the overflight with a drone.


Discover the panoramas of the metropolitan region Rhineland with zoom-in and zoom-out!

Book us with the aerial image tripod system and get pictures, panoramas, laser scans and videos from an unusual perspective!


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