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Virtual Tours – Restaurants | Pubs | Bars

In addition to Google tours, 360-up also creates classic interactive and mobile-enabled virtual tours, which can be integrated into websites, Facebook and other online services. Our interactive tours can be expanded with clickable hotspots, videos, navigation maps, download links, sound-files.

Our custom virtual tours are of the highest quality. From full-spherical 360x180 degree panoramas we create company tours with free guidance.

When creating, we are not following guidelines like Google Street View | Trusted tours. It is therefore possible to present only the actual highlights of the company.

Make it possible for users to go on a discovery tour and, for example, to select and reserve a table from the tour.

Virtual tours significantly increase the length of stay. If a website has no interactive elements, the length of stay is usually very short. Google also proves this: around 97 % of all visitors leave pages without virtual elements immediately. The content is not appealing enough to the visitor and will not help him to take a decision.



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