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People remember 80 % of what they've seen, 20 % of what they've read, and 10% of what they've heard. This is shown by the study by Paul Martin Lester, the American professor of communication at California State University, Fullerton.

The result of this study explains the above-average conversion rate of websites, which use for the presentation of their exhibition interactive 360 degree panoramas.

The virtual tours leave a lasting visual impression and make it possible for the users to remember what has been seen and virtually experienced.

Panoramas have properties that photos do not offer: an unlimited viewing angle and interactivity.

In addition to Google Tours, 360-up also creates classic interactive and mobile-enabled virtual tours, which can be integrated into websites, Facebook and other online services. Our interactive tours can be expanded with clickable hotspots, videos, navigation maps, download links, sound-files.

Our custom virtual tours are of the highest quality. From full 360x180 degree panoramas we create museum and exhibition virtual tours with free guidance.



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