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It is often difficult to choose the right restaurant. With a 360-up high-quality Google Street View virtual tour, you can give your users real-world insight into your gastronomy and build confidence even before they come. This allows you to attract potential customers and customers more easily.

Here are the results of an independent survey conducted by Ipsos. Look at the full results of the conversion rate in the Oxera Study. A Gastronomy Case Study on Google Tours was released in 2014.

The results: Google restaurant branch entries with a Business View  virtual tour achieved 30 % more clicks on the reservation pages. 50 % of the guests who viewed a particular restaurant in a virtual Google tour were up to the reservation page – 20 % more often than visitors who had not called  a Business View virtual tour. 84 % of the 1300 surveyed respondents said Business View had a role in their restaurant choice.



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