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Car Dealers

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Google Street View | Trusted - Car Dealers

In of 44 % of all searches for a particular company, mapping products are used. On average, 41 % of these searches lead to an on-site visit. Entries with photos and a virtual tour have twice as high a probability of user interest.

Here are the results of an independent survey conducted by Ipsos. Look at the full results of the conversion rate in the Oxera Study. A Retail Case Study on Google Tours was released in 2014.

Particularly in car dealerships - investment goods distribution – interested customers inform themselves extensively online. A Google Street View | Trusted tour through the vehicle showroom and repairshop creates additional confidence.

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, full information on the Google Knowledge Chart accounts for 50 % of the company's web page visits and 40 % of visits to the company.

Car Dealers


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