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Google Street View | Trusted

Google Street View | Trusted is the current official name for Google Street View technology-based corporate virtual tours. The tours appear in the generic search on Google, Maps, Street View and Google Earth. Thanks to the location-based search on Google, the companies are displayed directly in the search result with a Google tour and prospective customers get an immediate and interactive picture of the company they are looking for. Google Street View | Trusted tours can be integrated into websites and also on Facebook. Google business virtual tours are integrated directly into Google+ and Google MyBusiness industry entry by professionals such as 360-up. The interactive tours are thus geo-localized and linked to the company address on Google. This will show the tours at the local search on all Google Services.

Google Business Photos

Google Business Photos was the name of the first interactive Google virtual tours. 360-up was one of the first photographers certified for this new service in Germany. The agency’s participation in the program took place at the request of Google, since only specialists could participate. Marcus Mitter of 360-up received a Google Business Photo Germany Award in 2014 for the high number of published Google business virtual tours.

Google Business View

Google Business View was the successor to Google Business Photos. Marcus Mitter of 360-up received a Google Business View Europe Award for the most creative use of the Google Maps API interface in 2015. Google Business View becomes a Google Street View service.


Enhance the Google tour with points of interest, shopping function, video-embeds and navigation. Promote your seasonal products!

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